Your name is SOLLUX "BEE" CAPTOR, you are 10 sweeps old. And you are a delusional yellowblooded psionic who believes himself to be a violet blooded seadweller. You can be PRETTY RESPECTFUL AND CALM for most of the time, but once upset YOU ARE AN IMMATURE SHIT.

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I Am Pretty Good Too


Maybe It Is Something In The Air

I Visited A Friend A Little Earlier And I’m Feeling Nice

Do You Want Me To Whip Up Some Midnight Snacks For Us


!!!! great 8)

diid the vii2iit go good? ii mean diid you have fun

2mh ii diidnt wake up untiil liike, now.

can we bake twogether?

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It kind of tugged her heartstrings for him to be so lighthearted about something like that — she could not stand for Phylus’ wriggler-rearing methods — but she smiled and bent down to give him a kiss on the forehead, draping a towel around his shoulders and pushing the chair back. She started running the water, pressing one hand to his forehead and another under the taps to figure out about the temperature she should shoot for — she didn’t exactly want to scald her hands making it warm enough for him, but she didn’t want him to be cold for her comfort, either.

She found a pretty good middle ground between them and stoppered the sink, letting it fill up and gently tilting him back to put some shampoo in his hair — organic stuff that didn’t really foam up that much, but cleaned pretty well and smelled like flowers.

"Mmm, I think I’ll just trim it up so it looks nice and sharp, then. Something that won’t get all knotted up, something easy to brush."

She skritched his scalp and cleaned his hair up all nice and good, then unstopped the sink and washed it out, sitting him up and teleporting the chair over to the mirror. Oh yeah, she was just that good. She brushed his bangs out of his eyes so he could see in the mirror.

"Can you show me with your fingers how long you want your bangs?"

Bee never really had his hair cut by anyone else, so the washing and all the head touching was a new thing for him. Though it did ease his always ever-present headache, it was nice.  But he didn’t seem to be relaxing too much, his eyes were simply half shut.

Ohh bruh that shit smelled like flowers, that was awesome. He loved the smell of flowers, though he often forgot about that factor. All his shampoo was honey scented or sweet like candy.
Scritchy scritchy, he couldn’t resist but purr. Though he glanced up to her as she spoke.

"That’s good, then. Really whatever you think is fine."

He wasn’t too picky until it was usually too late, it’d probably be fine though.
Jesus fuck. Now he’s in front of the mirror. He ‘hmm’d and lifted a hand, before pinching his bangs with two fingers.

"Like, uh, about here I suppose."

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Oh My Gosh You Are Precious Tonight

How Are You Feeling


iim naut preciiou2

and iim feeliing, 2hockiingly good

iit2 weiird

how are you

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Kisses My Darling On The Cheeks

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"I could put little purple streaks in it, maybe. Or red and blue. If you don’t want to, though, that’s fine, too."

She gave him another hug when he said he was glad to see her, she missed him so much! She felt bad for being so mean about the Kronia situation, he wasn’t really as mentally prepared to deal with kids as she was.

"I’m glad to see you too," she whispered, squeezing him tight before she let him go to take his hand, leading him back up the stairs and toward her ablution block. It was big and shiny, like most of the rest of her hive — she had a little station all set up for him already, a chair in front of a sink to wash his hair. She led him over to it and gestured for him to sit down.

"So, do you know what you want to do with it? Just a trim? Cut it down short, again? Maybe you want to go with a mullet or a mohawk or something?"

She smiled a little to herself, she highly doubted that Phylus would let his son come home with a mohawk.

Purple streaks did strike his fancy, but he felt like that would be crossing a line. He already had issues dealing with other trolls whenever he had to go somewhere alone, they’d probably flip out if they saw more violet on him.
It was best to just not.

But red and blue, maybe… He hugged her back, before letting go quickly and humming. “Maybe.” Was all he commented, once he saw the gesture he sat down on the chair.

"I think I want it short, but whatever you think will look fine, I guess. I mean I want it all even and equal like before." He made a slight shrugging motion, before he looked surprised. "I think dad would beat the shit out of me if I got a mohawk or mullet, no thanks." He giggled a slight whimsical laugh.

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Kanaya smiled a little wider and bent down to smooch the little grub on his cheeks, ruffling his hair and then ruffling Bee’s hair as well. She looked up to meet the older one’s eyes, looking quite pleased with him.

"I’ve missed both of you, oodles and oodles. He looks like he’s doing great, Bee. I’m really proud of you." She took his wrist and gently gave him a squeeze, tugging him toward her a little bit. "I set up a play area for them downstairs, I have a feeling it won’t really hold Grubee for too long unless he falls asleep, but it’s safe down there. I moved all of the furniture."

She led the eldest Augeas child (not counting Phylus) down the stairs to drop off the grubs, giving him a minute to look over the big piles of blankets, cookies, and dishes of water that were set out to keep the two occupied. She often underestimated Bee, but she wanted him to decide for himself that it was okay to leave them there.

"Let me know when you’re ready to get your hair cut. Maybe I can even color it for you."

Bee couldn’t help but be surprised when she mentioned that she was proud of him. For what? He hadn’t realized he had stopped treating the grub as badly, so to him the comment was out of nowhere for no reason at all. He also seemed to be avoiding eyecontact.

"Oh, uh." He didn’t really comment on the ‘i’m proud of you’ part, what could he say, thanks? That’d sound smug, he thought. As he went with her, he set Grubee down into the weird little pin thing.

"Colour it?" He questioned, standing back up once he had set the yellow dog down. "I don’t think I’m allowed to colour my hair." He glanced around once more, deciding that for now the grubs will be fine, and he turned back to Nananananana.

"I’m ready whenever, I’m just, uh, glad to see you." He smiled slightly.

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"God dammit Bee stop callin him a yelloww dog" *Phylus looks at the camera like hes on The Office*

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