Your name is SOLLUX "BEE" CAPTOR, you are 10 sweeps old. And you are a delusional yellowblooded psionic who believes himself to be a violet blooded seadweller. You can be PRETTY RESPECTFUL AND CALM for most of the time, but once upset YOU ARE AN IMMATURE SHIT.

Currently: toking it up
Currently with: sugarpop
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>Go To Nannas 

>You exit your block and sneak through your hive, going through the dining room to the transportilizer. You punch in Nannas coordinates and transportilize over to her.

>You invite yourself to roam about her awesome hive



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    "I love you enough to fill the ocean, and I think you’re wonderful. When it comes to this, Nanna knows best." > Speak a...
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    "M’not wwonderful. You are," >He had his eyes closed still, trying to let himself dose off. He was so content right now!...