Your name is SOLLUX "BEE" CAPTOR, you are 10 sweeps old. And you are a delusional yellowblooded psionic who believes himself to be a violet blooded seadweller. You can be PRETTY RESPECTFUL AND CALM for most of the time, but once upset YOU ARE AN IMMATURE SHIT.

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[You were supposed to do this like, yesterday, early yesterday, but you seemed to have fallen asleep or something, or blanked out. Either way, you finish packing up your shit while the grubs are locked in the ablution chamber.

You grab the bag and head to the ablution, grabbing the grubs and quite literally setting them in the bag and zipping it up. uhhh, it’ll keep them warm and make them sleep, duh, i am a grub expert trust me.

you creep out of your room, the hive is scary and dirty, but you head to the transportilizer and go to nanas.]

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    "You’re the biggest bee I ever saw. And that means you gotta stinger!" [Never mind that she’s never seen a bee before.]
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    [ You look confused as you stare at her, then you just look back down to the cake and pick a piece off, eating it. As if...